About Dr. Erik Boudreau, BA, ND


Fort Langley Naturopathic Doctor

After graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004, Dr. Boudreau spent seven years in private practice in downtown Toronto, addressing a wide range of health concerns using modalities such as nutritional counselling, botanical medicine, TCM/acupuncture, vitamin/mineral supplementation, craniosacral therapy and homeopathy. As a former Certified Personal Trainer, he also maintains a focus on fitness/exercise planning and lifestyle modification. In 2011, Erik transitioned to a role as Naturopathic Oncology Provider at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois, where he worked alongside a Medical Oncologist to address co-morbidities, alleviate treatment-related side-effects and support immune function in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Dr. Boudreau is currently a member of the CAND, AANP and OncANP, and was previously certified as a personal trainer for over a decade, frequently working with patients to optimize their cardiovascular health, bodyweight and overall fitness levels. In late 2016, he served as Primary Investigator on a case study with NUNM's Helfgott Research Institute, demonstrating the positive impact of integrative naturopathic support in a patient with Stage IV Esophageal Carcinoma.

He resides in Coquitlam with his wife, their daughter and cat. His hobbies include exercising, travel, and creative writing (his second novel, Mystic Pursuit, was published in early 2016).

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Dr. Erik Boudreau, BA, ND

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